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Soil-Max Gold Digger Stealth ZD Tile Plows

Northern Plains Drainage Systems is Western Canada’s most experienced dealer for Soil-Max Gold Digger tile drainage plows

In addition to providing our clients with comprehensive setup and training in plow operation we are also always available to offer advice and support. The result is that our clients are achieving professional results with costs that are realistic for lower value land, and overcoming difficulties of finding a contractor willing to undertake smaller projects. We serve clients throughout western Canada and in addition to regularly jumping onto planes to go setup and train our clients outside of Manitoba, we are also assembling a network of local support throughout the areas we serve to give our clients access to the best support and education available.

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Why Buy a Soil-Max Tile Plow?

We talk to farmers almost every day who tell us that current land values are making them re-think their options when it comes to buying new land, and their thoughts are now turning to improving the land they currently own. The latest Stealth ZD plows combined with Intellislope gradient control make tiling your own land yourself a realistic and affordable option.

Gold Digger Stealth ZD

When we got into the business we could have chosen to be a dealer for any of the major tile plows on the market today. We chose the Soil-Max Gold Digger because we believe it is the best tile plow on the market for the majority of farmers in western Canada.The technology for controlling tile grade has come along way in recent years, and offerings from several companies are all very capable. Likewise, our research has shown that all the mainstream brands of tractor-drawn/mounted plows are capable of holding grade and accurately placing tile at the desired depths. The main advantages of the Gold Digger, in our opinion, are as follows:

  • The patented design provides a lifting action as the plow pulls through the soil, resulting in far less drag that competitors’ models. In other words it pulls easier, meaning you can pull bigger or deeper with less horsepower!
  • The Gold Digger pull-type plow is easily visible from the tractor cab, meaning the operator can see the plow as he backs into the start hole. Tractor-mounted plows are basically invisible from the tractor cab, making it much more difficult to lower the plow into the start holes, and increasing the chance you’d crush the header, as well as increasing potential danger to anyone ‘in the hole’
  • The Gold Digger’s tile boots can be easily changed by 2 people in 10-15 minutes without needing any assistance to lift them. Other plows we’ve seen needed a loader or similar on hand to lift the bigger, heavier boots
  • The pull-type Gold Digger is quicker and much easier to setup than tractor-mounted plows. It is possible to setup the plow on a new tractor in an hour or two, and you can move the plow from one tractor to another in about the same amount of time. Many of our clients are neighbours that are splitting the purchase so being able to move the plow from tractor to tractor easily is a big benefit
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Before becoming a dealer we purchased our own Gold Digger to use for custom installation work. We did all the research you are probably doing now, reading the forums and trying to find farmers that owned plows to get their feedback on what was better. We went to the US and looked at all the different plows, plus attended some courses where we talked to farmers that were already doing their own tiling. What we found was that the Soil-Max Gold Digger was the plow of choice for most, and that the reviews and forum chat we found online also supported this theory. Since we purchased our own Gold Digger plow we’ve been extremely happy with it, and have so far installed around 1 million feet of tile with it without any major issues.

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Why Buy a Gold Digger from Us?

Getting into tiling is a big step, so its important to work with a dealer that can give you the advice and support you need to get it right. We design and install tile​ drainage systems, as well as being a dealer of plows, and will be there to help you do it right from the start. We get calls from plow owners on both sides of the border who bought their plows from other dealers who are unable to answer their questions or troubleshoot problems. While we don’t mind helping them out and making sure they can go tiling with their new equipment, we’d prefer if they’d bought it from us in the first place!

GOLD DIGGERS ARE SIMPLE TO OPERATE // You can install your own tile

Soil-Max Gold Digger Stealth ZD plows are the easiest-pulling, easiest operating tile plows available. You most likely already own a large tractor or two, meaning you already have the most expensive equipment needed to tile your own land. Stealth ZD plows can install 3-inch to 10-inch tile to a depth of up to 6.5 feet. In most soil types, a single 400+hp tractor can pull the plow to 6 feet with up to 6-inch tile. Coupling on a second tractor should allow you to install 8-inch or even 10-inch pipe to over 6 foot depths.


​​People may tell you that pull-type plows can’t hold grade, or don’t do a good job of installing tile. When we purchased our Stealth ZD pull-type plow we were sceptical whether it was possible to hold grade accurately with a tractor-pulled plow. Setting up and using the Intellislope grade control was much simpler than we’d imagined, and we have been nothing but happy with both the ease of use and the accuracy of grade control we can achieve with it. Even on the flattest fields our pipes flow!

GOLD DIGGERS OFFER FAST PAYBACK // An investment not a cost

Installing tile drainage yourself will probably be one of the most valuable uses of your time. Not only are you saving a significant portion of the typical cost of installation, you are also doing something that will significantly increase your land value and significantly increase the productivity of your farm. Typical savings of $250-$350 per acre are possible by installing your own tile, and with those kinds of numbers the cost of the plow and other components can be offset once you tile one or two quarters.

Take a look at the most Frequently Asked Questions we hear about the plows, or Build and Price a Tiling Setup Today and take the first step to tiling your land.